1. WOW . . . I was NOT expecting the marching band! That was great! Now I’ll have a visual every time this comes on my Sonos.

  2. Velveeta Underground? Lol.
    I suppose Fleetwood mac & cheese would go well with Paul Masson wine.

  3. …And I for one remember the Beagles. They were a cartoon band (really a duo) of dogs who bubblegum pop tunes. The show didn’t do especially well in the US, but they had a hit recording in Britain with their song “(Thanks to the) Man in the Moon”.

  4. Many strips have incorporated hidden symbols to represent essential workers. Apple for teachers, steering wheel for delivery, microscope for scientists, masks for health-care, shopping cart for grocery, and fork for restaurants. I think that’s all. This is doing that as well.

  5. Even though I never cared for Fleetwood Mac, I was aware of their connection to the USC marching band, and on occasion I have wondered why this piece wasn’t called “TUSC”. Now that I’ve looked up the title, all I will say here is that I wish I hadn’t.

  6. There is a Fleetwood Mac ‘tribute band’ (notification thereof just came to my InBox) calling itself . . . TUSK. Seriously?? Yes, seriously.

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