1. The Cidu is, you wonder why she has to invent a family if she’s married, is that it?

    She’s married, but no kids. She’s imagining having guests over for dinner. ‘Uncle Hank’ shows they aren’t part of her nuclear family, and don’t live with her.

  2. Billy and Uncle Hank are probably real people. She just can’t see them due to sequestering.

  3. I have no idea what’s gong on here, but I do have to say that her pretend family members are a lot less creepy-looking than the “real” characters.

  4. The drawing should have been of a man going nuts at the table, then the caption could have included a nice (if a little too honest) bit of fourth-wall humor: “…John begins to show signs of wear.

  5. @ Carl Fink – Probably both. McPherson does not own (or cannot use) a wider tipped pen, so whenever he wants to darken something, he retraces over it (multiple times). In this panel, it’s not just the lettering: the suitcase and the dishes have also been “colored in” with this unnecessarily arduous method.

  6. It’s just possible that hubby and 2 “real” children escaped the dinner table. Once it’s clear that Gina isn’t able to recognize this exploit, it’s time to call in the (maskless) EMT.

  7. FWIW, there are restaurants featuring nicely-dressed mannequins seated at some of the tables to help with the now-more-lonely post-pandemic atmosphere.

  8. Yeah, we do wear masks, and EMTs don’t have the ability in most states to issue what in Massachusetts are called Section 12s, in California (I think) are called Baker Acts, and are called other things in other places. Police officers in MA can issue them, though. But, once they’re issued, it is our job to get them to the hospital for treatment.

    I HAVE transported two patients for whom quarantine was, in some sense, a contributing factor to their suicidal ideation; they were both high school age, who were stuck with their families and didn’t have contact with their friends. If you’re a teenager, “getting away from your family sometimes, even if they’re overall decent people (and in one of the cases, they very much weren’t)”, and “being able to lean on your friends for support” are both things which help keep you to a sub-critical level of stress.

  9. Since I talk to my teddy bears and also have a entire village of them (in addition to the room of stuffed ones) – I am not the one to think this odd. In the early days we when we married Cabbage Patch kids would come and sit at the table for our birthday parties. (Not crazy, just fun.)

  10. I spoke to a rabbit in the front yard yesterday, but that’s not unusual. Whenever I see one nosing around the Neighbor-Shocking Front-Yard Garden, I say, “Eat the clover!” There’s plenty of that, they don’t need garden plants. The netting deters them anyway.

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