1. Andréa: Even if I had sunburn, I don’t think I could change the posture that I sleep in, even if that involved lying on a burned spot.

  2. Just a silly joke about UVs : they’re used to disinfect tools and lying too long in the sun, she got a good dose of them, too.

  3. Going to nitpick with Andrea. Sunshine kills the virus isn’t a myth. What can be reasonably concluded from it is … well, that’s where we get into myth territory.

  4. I was viewing video of one of the podcasts I follow, and they were talking about a Flat-Earther documentary they saw. Some dude in comments wanted to come on the podcasts (they don’t have guests) and explain the “truth ” of the Flat-Earth movement.

  5. I just received this in an email from Bob Peters:

    The thread had already been closed to comments before
    I realized that sunlight was only peripheral to the reason Janis was
    still virus-free.

    She was virus-free because she stayed home and got sunburned in her own
    back yard instead of going to some crowded beach where she would have
    been at risk of exposure.

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