1. Yeah, I’m sure “essay” is correct. The ‘F’ and ‘E’ creating a word just confused things.

  2. So does this make a double-u just two V’s attempting to breed another letter?

  3. I noticed you have a tag of “Bob Thaves”. He always signed his strip just “Thaves”. And now it’s drawn by his son Tom, who also signs it with just “Thaves”. OTOH, unless you want to update the tag on all of the F&E strips, it might be best to leave it as is.

  4. It’s because you have to say “Si” or “No” because “ese” is Mexican Spanish. It means “dude” or “my comrade”.

  5. This short clip shows how to use “ese” conversationally. It also shows how to use “vato”, which has a meaning that is similar to ese. Maybe a native Mexican Spanish speaker can explain any nuances for us.

  6. I didn’t get the “essay” pun and was assuming that “S A” was meant to stand for “See Also,” and that their questions couldn’t get a simple “yes” or “no” because by their nature they were always bringing up more other commentary that had to be taken into account.

  7. SA is also “Short Answer”. A question type that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no.

  8. Thanks, Arthur. I’m pretty sure there’s a “change all” option somewhere that will let me switch them all to “Thaves.”

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