1. Nothing perplexing about the xkcd, but you can’t tell me the Arlo and Janis actually makes any kind of sense.

  2. Yes to Kilby’s explanation, and add that he would be disappointed in any case that she would choose reading over some romancing with him, the nature of the reading can make it feel worse.

  3. P.S. I just wish I could remember that her name is spelled “Janis”. Bill got it right (in the tags), why can’t I?

  4. My first girlfriend was named Janice. Among the music she shared with me was Janis Ian, and my Janice made a big point of people knowing both their spellings and not getting confused. And since then I’ve been sort of automatically aware of who are Janice and who are Janis, among friends, colleagues, celebrities, fictional characters. Also Sarah and Sara, and Elizabeth and Elisabeth. I do sometimes get a Hannah or Hanna wrong. I always write Rachel and never Rachael, unless I know for sure that the Rachael is Israeli.

  5. Well, Kilby, I do have an advantage: when I type in Arlo as a tag, the options … and Janis, …Award, …Guthrie. and …Page appear. I might accidentally click the wrong one, but misspelling Janis’s name would take a very deliberate effort.

  6. You’re assuming that such activities would follow her reading session. He’s not doing anything else, so likely he’ll just fall asleep.

  7. Grawlix, when a comment of mine gets out of moderation, we were both thinking of Janis Ian in this connection! Though come to think of it I haven’t been following her lately on Twitter, she has been a pretty popular presence there.

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