1. “See if your (condition) has changed” is a common thing for doctors to do. So is putting on rubber gloves. What the clinic is really interested in, though, is the person’s insurance, so they have the suit donning the rubber gloves instead of the doctor. The rubber gloves have no purpose other than to emphasize the absurdity of the situation (which is, sadly, not really far-fetched).

  2. Have to completely disagree with CaroZ.

    The rubber gloves is definitely a prelude to an invasive painful humiliating and belittling ass poking and prodding. The rubber glove is a universal symbol of such a metaphoric being screwed over roughly and with no recourse.

    And that is what “checking to see if you policy has changed” is; a painful reaming over which you have no control.

    The problem as a cartoon is there’s little logic that can conceivably make them *literally* rather then metaphorically the same.

  3. Bob Peters, from what I understand about medical insurance in the USA, if it is just a finger, you’re getting off lightly.

  4. With the current situation, is it still reasonable to believe the myth that medical providers (or, in this case medical insurance providers) only glove-up when they’re going to do a rectal examination?

  5. Agree with others who point out that the gloves imply the “checking” procedure will be invasive and unpleasant.

  6. Powers, I’d hesitate to call that a “myth,” because I don’t think anyone (now or before) believes that gloves are only for rectal examinations. It’s just a comic shorthand.

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