1. I can’t speak for anybody else, SBill, but we have really big windows in our living room.

  2. After I stopped being a productive member of society, my typical wardrobe is cotton drawstring shorts and a tee-shirt.

  3. I do have a lot of large windows. When I bought the house, there were only some minimal curtains in most of the rooms. I bought a bunch of blinds and installed them. So the neighbors are spared most of the time, although I do wander out into the yard on occasion with just the shorts. They can marvel at the white legs then.

  4. Bill, you don’t read xkcd, Least I Could Do, or Candorville? in particular, xkcd has been running a long series of pandemic strips, encouraging people to be responsible and self-isolate. It probably is not a coincidence that Randall Munroe’s wife is a cancer survivor.

  5. You’d be surprised at how many people think that when it’s light outside and they can easily see out, everybody can easily see in, but when it’s dark outside and they can’t see out, nobody can see in.

    I’ve heard that New York City apartment dwellers sometimes open their curtains, turn off the lights, sit down on the couch and watch the show across the street.

  6. My typical clothing when stuck at home for something like this is a tee shirt and jeans – then again my daily wear is a tee shirt and jeans and for sleeping I wear old ripped/stained tee shirts and ripped jeans. I hate dressing up.

    I was taught that one always wears clothing to cover the body so they don’t burn odd parts of their self while cooking or doing other “dangerous” things.

  7. I should mention related to the comic’s subject – Robert is a panicker. So we are eating less than normal to conserve our food so it will last longer (I estimate we have a month’s worth of food at least with normal eating – he estimates 2 weeks worth with the cut down amounts).

    Today he went out to our little RV to check that the batteries are staying charged and I went with him. Every time he says we are too low on some household item – toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, dish soap, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, etc. I list what we have and end with ” and there is more of it in the RV”. So I went out and checked what was there and brought in the hand soap, dish soap and denture adhesive (that we actually do need more of so I was glad to find some) and brought them in to make him feel better. Later in the house I remembered – there is also a started and a new bar of soap for showers in the RV (plus all the stuff we definitely don’t need extras of that I just left in the RV for now).

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