1. Maybe it’s a self-driving Uber. With automated disinfecting between customers. Yeah, probably would have been better if they were in the front seat of a car one of them owns. (And it’s not certain that they go out in an Uber every night, just this time.)

    Maybe they’re not actually somewhere with anything approaching actual quarantining and they just call it that, since all the cool people are doing it.

    Maybe they’re just stupid. People being stupid could be funny.

  2. She appears to have a grocery bag, which hardly jibes with a date. But “your place” implies they live separately. Yeah, this seems rather inscrutable, which does jibe with New Yorker. Scrut it.

  3. Ah, yes, i see she does have a grocery bag. Does not look like any celery sticking out, so no chance of her pants coming off, i guess.

  4. C! W A A

    Maybe a reference to how many people aren’t really taking the need to self-isolate seriously. They still went out shopping, perhaps as a date, since they’re not living together. They had to take an Uber because they’re New Yorkers, right? They can’t take a cab because they’re all driven by dirty foreigners. There’s no other way to travel if you’re not taking the subway. Now they’re treating locking down as a weekend sex-stay.

  5. No comments on the cartoon as such, but congratulations to Boise Ed for correctly using the term “jibes with” instead of the fingernails-on-blackboard-level irritation “jives with” that I’ve been seeing more frequently in the last couple of years.

  6. Maybe “quarantined” has replaced “chaperoned”: they can’t get as intimate as they’d like to because her parents use the epidemy as an excuse to keep them apart?

  7. Billman: I did not realize celery equated with getting lucky! Research required, will report back.

  8. There is a grocery bag because they can’t do their date at a restaurant any more. My guess about the caption is that it is like always sleeping at one of their places, which I think is a thing. Not sure, I’m long past it.

  9. “(mildly NSFW – does that mean anything now if you are working from home these days”

    These days, a lot of people have kids wandering around their “workplace.”

    I pretty much always worked from home, so my younger son was often on my lap while I worked (and yes, played games, such as there were at in early 1995). He was playing with the computer when he was a year and a half old, and he wasn’t much older than that when he was playing a game and I told him, without thinking, to right-click the mouse. I remember this because he did, and I thought what the hell…

  10. Thanks, Shrug.

    Powers (“intensive purposes”): I suspect you meant “for all intents and purposes.” And no, they’re not the same thing.

  11. Idea hit me as I left the page –

    He does not want to go his girlfriend’s place because whenever they are quarantined they go to her place and are quarantined there – he wants to be quarantined with her at his place this time. Why they have been quarantined enough times to say always I have no idea.

  12. I was (from more than 2 metres away) talking to some of the neighbour kids, and they explained to me that there’s a “coronavirus challenge” that involves people licking things in public places. On a related note, there is a distinctly bimodal distribution of confirmed cases from my local public health unit. There are lots of cases in the 20-29 age range, and then fewer in the 30-39 and more, but still fewer than the 20-somethings, in the 40-49 age range before the numbers go up again . Please note that we’re overwhelmed here, so if you’re not actually sick, and sometimes even if you are, you’re not going to get tested, so the numbers for 20-somethings are probably underreporting even more than other age groups. These are not people I would expect to stay out of a Uber. (And if you’re driving for Uber you’re unlikely to feel you can afford to properly distance yourself.)

  13. Christine – Robert saw a piece on TV in which “young people” (his term) were coughing on produce in stores and then putting it back on the display for sale.

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