1. @ B.A. – The only requirements for synchronicity are matching dates and similar topics. I don’t think there’s anything in the rules that says that either comic has to be funny. Perhaps that additional matching characteristic makes these two über-synchronous.

  2. Things that apparently shouldn’t bother me department: the Wright Flyer had a prop that could actually turn when it was on the ground, unlike that weird abomination in the second comic.

  3. I think I’m supposed to interpret the CtH as that Mr. Wright just survived a harrowing landing that crumpled the plane, and is walking away literally steaming while the FA is giving him an incongruously perky “buh-bye!” But maybe the plane’s crumpled appearance is just the typical CtH artwork quality?

  4. @Carl: Well, the thing looks nothing like the Wright Flyer at all. The WF had a pusher propeller, for one thing. But this appears to have been a rough landing, so you could say that the parts of the plane that kept the prop far enough off the ground to turn have been smashed. And that is farther than I ever expected to go defending MacPherson’s artwork.

  5. @ DemetriosX – I was pretty sure that the original Wright Flyer had two propellers (rotating in opposite directions to cancel out the torque effect), but I suppose it’s a little much to expect Mr. McPherson to perform even 30 seconds of research before drawing a cartoon:

    P.S. @ Powers – I think fighter pilots wear diapers, just like astronauts on spacewalks. After a crash (even one that the pilot can walk away from), I certainly wouldn’t expect them to be “clean”.

  6. @ Grawlix – That is McPherson‘s annoying little “trademark” space alien character, a pathetic imitation of Piraro’s “secret symbols”.

  7. P.S. @ B.A. – And I knew that you knew that, too, I just wanted to grouse about the weakness of these two panels.
    P.P.S. It took me a while, but I finally figured out the top one. If he hadn’t used the word “shaded”, and instead called it a “bicycle with a sunroof”, it might have even qualified for the Sunday funnies.

  8. Yeah, Kilby, they did both kind of s ck. But the best synchronicity I’ve ever had the honor to submit.

  9. Oh man, Moderation isn’t fooled by ANY variation of what Dracula vants to do with my blood.

  10. The joke probably works if you know nothing about the Wright Brothers: shaded bicycle takes flight, Flying Nun-style.

  11. “But maybe the plane’s crumpled appearance is just the typical CtH artwork quality?”

    Well, literally, I had no idea that was supposed to be a harrowing flight and a crash landing. None at all. But looking with that in mind that is obviously the intended joke.

  12. “We know you have a choice when flying and we thank you for choosing … wait a minute … you don’t have a choice yet, do you?”

  13. Only just now did I notice that the contraption in the top comic is not a bicycle after all: it’s a tricycle!

  14. The wright Brothers had a sister, Katherine – a school teacher – who helped them a with their project other than with the actual building and flying of the plane – and she was never a flight attendant.

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