1. I first thought the mini-Death was looming over an even smaller Death and it occurred to me that a comic with nesting Deaths would be a point for both teams.

  2. @ CaroZ: LOL! Love the idea of nesting Deaths.

    Don’t they say a child killing animals is an early sign you’re dealing with a psycho who is going to grow up to be a serial killer? Though, I guess in the case of a reaper, that’s just healthy development.

  3. “Love the idea of nesting Deaths.”

    If there is a comic with that, I guess it’ll be +1 for both team Death and team Pinocchio (etc.).

  4. Didn’t we have a set of nesting dolls that had been blown apart by a sneeze? (Gesundheit!) I think it was before the contest started, so it won’t be listed under the Deathmatch tag.

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