1. The premise is that medical marijuana is not truly (or at least not primarily) for medical purposes, but the “medicinal” claim is just an excuse to get high. The patient would rather have an excuse to eat chocolate than an excuse to get high. Ack!

  2. Because medical marijuana is a scam, of course! It’s just a ruse that stoners use to buy weed! Though, to be honest, stoners have really brought that perception on themselves by abusing medical marijuana laws.

    Of course, in Canada, it’s legal-ish. Technically legal, but with regulations on what forms are legal and what kinds aren’t and restrictions on where you can buy it and yadda yadda. Too much trouble to have even bothered when there are two liquor stores within a five minute walk of my home.

  3. I had a friend in college who used “medicinal chocolate” (seriously, no joke); it happened to be an effective (if amateur) therapy for gastric distress.

  4. There was an old Rhymes with Orange featuring prescription-strength ice cream, but of course the archive is no longer available…

  5. Pretty soon there’s going to be a cascade of states legalizing recreational weed, then the game will be over. Missouri has medical starting soon, but Illinois has recreational. There’s a doctor in MO who is “diagnosing” large groups at a time as in need of medical. In interviews, it’s clear she doesn’t think there should be restrictions.

  6. I remember an article on Cracked where someone was saying that legalization will actually be horrible for people who need medical marijuana, (as opposed to the idea that it will be great because you won’t need to jump through all the hoops anymore), because then you’re not someone with a prescription, you’re just self-medicating with recreational substances. The idea of wanting chocolate instead of marijuana seems to be along those lines.

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