1. He is imagining playing some kind of sexy time with Scarlett Johansson that involves putting maple syrup on her body and licking or sucking it off of her body. Or maybe he is syruped up. Or it may be mutual. Really, though, it’s too runny. The better solution, if you want a maple-flavoured sexy time, it is better to add maple syrup to whipping cream and hand whip into a nice, thick consistency. The resulting concoction will stay in place pretty well.

    A couple of caveats:
    1. There are certain body places where you should not put sugar. I will leave you to Google that.

    2. With enough friction you can turn it into butter.

  2. I was about to complain about the synchronicity and/or Scarlett Oversaturation, but the previous comic is current, whereas this one is dated 25-Sep-2019. I have no idea why she’s supposed to be “desirable”, I thought “Lost in Translation” was extremely odious.

  3. We know now that Scarlett Johansson is Death, so we can properly count this previously uncounted comic into the Death total — not that Death needs it.

    Clearly in the context of this comic, the secret subtext was he was thinking about mortality from overeating and diabetes and heart disease but coated in a sweet, sweet outer shell, but he’d rather his young trophy wife believe he’s thinking about sex, not his impending doom, hence the double bluff.

  4. 1) Maple syrup is a spring product, not autumn.

    2) Unless this is an Arlo joke I have no idea what the connection is between ScarJo and syrup.

  5. It occurs to me that instead of 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon, in the comic strips, we could play 7 degrees of Death. Here, maple syrup is only 2 degrees away from death. (Maple syrup linked to ScarlettJ, who is linked to death in the previous dream comic.)

  6. And now Death will never be more than three degrees from Kevin Bacon: Death to Scarlett, Scarlett made a movie with Bill Murray, and Bill Murray made a movie with Kevin Bacon.

  7. Bill: The basics of my comment are explained by Terrence Feenstra. I hesitate to elaborate further.

    Two degrees: Death was in Bill in Ted’s Bogus Journey with Frank Welker, and Frank Welker was in Balto with Kevin Bacon (no, I don’t claim to have known either of those facts before a few minutes ago). Alternatively, Kevin Bacon was in These Vagabond Shoes, written and directed by Scarlett Johannson (not sure if that counts as a link?).

  8. I have a feeling that Scarlett Johansson would be his favorite with anything, not just maple syrup. Scarlett Johansson with water. Scarlett Johansson with cardboard. Scarlett Johnansson with air.

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