1. He *is* a fire hydrant. Like the little Far Side aliens *are* hands (come to think of it, wasn’t there a Far Side cartoon with alien fire hydrants?).

  2. He isn’t dressed up as a fire hydrant, but he happens to look like one. That’s why dogs are so eager to “meet” him.

    Whether or not he happens to know that he looks like a fire hydrant is unclear; perhaps he doesn’t know that he looks like one and the joke is that he doesn’t know why dogs are so interested in him. Or maybe he does know, and is wary about meeting dogs just the same.

    Either way, the joke is that his clothing ensemble looks uncannily like a fire hydrant, and it really has no effect on his daily life, except for when he meets dogs.

  3. …and he didn’t learn, after the first five times this happened, that he should dress differently.

    CloonBounty–I’m pretty sure there was a Sam Gross cartoon with alien fire hydrants. There was probably a Far Side one as well.

  4. In looking for a nod to Larson, I noticed that one of Larson’s fire hydrant-like aliens also has a mustache (I’m pretty sure.. dense zig-zag line..).

  5. This looks like a costume to me, not a fire hydrant shaped alien. Anyway, it’s irrelevant _why_ he is dressed like a fire hydrant (might be helloween), but now he is in this, uh, awkward situation where she is looking forward to introduce him to her pet, and he, well, is also looking forward to this with anticipation.

    Gave me a chuckle (albeit a small one).

  6. @ Markus – “…might be helloween…”
    Almost perfect. Published in late February, there’s snow and ice all over. Obviously this is a previously unknown Spanish holiday called “Hieloween“.

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