1. He’s not a guru; he’s just stranded. About to be rescued when this guy comes up and wants to ask him the meaning of life.

  2. The competing and better (in my opinion) show is Survivorman with Les Stroud. It’s very realistic. He brings only a minimum of stuff along and has no crew. He does all the camera work. He mentions sometimes how tiring that is, especially like long shots. He was to place the cameras, then go out to do whatever he wants to capture, then go back and get the equipment.

  3. The guru on the mountaintop always has a cave behind him to live in. This guy may have a bowl and a bone but it’s got to be difficult for him with no shelter from the blizzards and cold temperatures up there.

  4. Just the opposite of this one: https://www.gocomics.com/monty/2020/02/16 (which is a rip-off of an old Simpsons episode “Homer and Apu” in which they go somewhere in the Himalayas, where the world’s first convenience store stands on a mountain, an ironically inconvenient location. Visiting pilgrims are allowed to ask three questions of the resident all-knowing guru (except safe combination).

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