1. “an LOL” So you pronounce it as three letters? I’ve always pronounced it as one syllable, ” a lol”. I wonder how many do which and whether it’s geographical ( I’m from the UK).

  2. As I understood it, at least as portrayed in pop culture, the cool kids pronounced it as three letters while the out of touch (typically older) folk pronounced it as one syllab

  3. @ Grawlix – Among all of the other strange things that Germans do to English terms after they have appropriated them, they pronounce the acronym “V.I.P.” as “vip“, and not as “vee-eye-pee“.
    P.S. I have no idea what Germans do to “cool” Internet inventions such as “LOL” and “OMG”, but since I never use them myself, I feel no need to find out.

  4. I have always pronounced LOL as 3 letters. The fact that “loll” is a word makes it confusing to pronounce it as one syllable, especially when LOL is used a verb.

  5. I say* L-O-L but LOLCats is “lawl-cats”.

    * Qualified by the fact that I rarely ever say either. Or even write them very often.

    I also spell out CIDU. Again, rarely said aloud.

  6. Should SOP for Standard Operating Procedure be pronounced “sop”, and should CYA be pronounced “see ya”?

    Back when we were developing CICS programs, we called it “si – sis” but some people called it “kicks”. Someone once asked why SCSI was pronounced “scuzzy” and not “sexy”.

    I always wondered why whenever the postman made you pay for the package he was giving you it was always a package of fish. COD.

  7. See dee you — I know, makes no sense, but that’s what I hear when I see it.
    I guess if I’m forced to actually bring it to the front of my mind, my language censor starts to object, and modified it to something like Sid-oo

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