1. Cupid fires his arrow, trying to make a couple fall in love, but accidentally kills them instead. He covers up by staging a lovers’ suicide.

    The final panel is a parody of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo wrongly thinks Juliet is dead, so he drinks poison and dies. When Juliet finds him dead she stabs herself.

  2. It makes the scene much more romantic. There’s nothing romantic about two lovers with one arrow through them. Cupid has to consider his reputation.

  3. The arrow hole in her chest would not be a problem. Just stick the knife in it. As for Romeo, maybe the feathers cover it. Keep in mind that cops are lazy and stupid and just want to close the case.

  4. I mean, Romeo is known to be a stabby kind of guy, anyway — the whole reason he had to flee was because he murdered both Tybalt and Paris. You find a guy who’s already stabbed two people to death, with his girlfriend and him both dead? Yeah, Romeo probably killed everybody. The poison’s a nice touch, but not really necessary.

  5. I mean, it’s necessary because it’s from the play, and you wouldn’t recognize it otherwise. But for Cupid’s point, Romeo’s a perfect guy to frame for it.

  6. @ianosmond: “I mean, Romeo is known to be a stabby kind of guy, anyway — the whole reason he had to flee was because he murdered both Tybalt and Paris”

    He had to flee because he killed Tybalt (in a fair fight — I would dispute ‘murdered,’ but he didn’t want to stay around to argue the point with the Prince and/or the Capulet family). And he killed Paris (arguably in a fair but unfortunate fight), but that occured after his return to Verona, not before he fled from it.

  7. Makes me think of “Harold and Maude”.

    Major spoiler alert if you have not seen the movie – and if you have not, you really should and don’t read this until you do.

    Harold constantly stages himself having committed suicide or otherwise having died. His mother in attempt to straighten him out has signed him up for an early 1970s (when the movie was made) computer dating service by filling in the questionnaire to match her preferences and interests. He has managed to scare off the first two of his 3 matches. The third one is an actress.

    She walks in on him lying on the floor with a knife in him. Unlike the others she does not scream and run when she sees him as she does not assume that he is actually dead, but just acting. She removes the knife and after checking that it really is a prop knife, does Juliet’s death scene, “stabbing” herself with his stage knife. She does not have the accent for Juliet which makes it a bit even funnier. She falls over him in stage death.

    His mother walks in – she looks horrified and shakes her head “Harold! That was your last date!”

    Bud Cort is Harold and Ruth Gordon is Maude – good music by Cat Stevens.

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