1. I’d be willing to accept that “©1981” if this were a normal, syndicated strip with some sort of standardized re-runs, but “The Far Side” isn’t being re-run in any papers these days, and Larson’s new website periodically posts an irregular number of old strips according to an unknown algorithm.

  2. I never thought this would become so complicated!

    Larson republishes three old comics a day. Since repeat strips are fair game — though what I had in mind was the occasional old Bizarro — it seemed wrong to exclude the 3-a-day Far Side.

  3. The problem, Pete, is that reruns aren’t always easily identifiable. A blanket rule that we count anything published or republished after February 1, 2020 is just simpler.

  4. But none of these people are Death, are they? They are just people who died, which is to say people who have been treated by Death. There’s only one Death.

  5. @ MiB – When I first read this panel, I thought it was referring to “Death” in the caption, so it didn’t bother me that there wasn’t a scythe anywhere in the room. Now I see that the “d” is lowercase, but I’d still be willing to accept it as counting, except that I still don”t think that Larson’s arbitrary “featured” concept counts as “publishing”. Besides that, I don’t think it’s worth awarding his futile exercise in “retroactive assertion of copyright control” any additional viewer traffic, UNLESS the website gets a functional search engine that permits users to hunt for a particular date and/or caption. The current design is worthless.

  6. I thought they were all Grim Reapers. I mean, there has to be more than one to serve the whole planet. Maybe there are still more on the clock while this crew is partying.

  7. Well, perhaps the Grim Reapers are like “Santa Claus’ Helpers” we take the kids to at malls. There’s only one real one but he can’t be at all the malls at once.

    Come to think of it, how come you can’t go to a mall and sit on the Grim Reaper’s lap?
    “Hey there, young fellow. How do YOU want to die?”
    “I want to have a heart attack as I’m driving in heavy traffic so I tie up the whole city for a day!”

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