1. Reversal of the usual trope of “cute at that age” – this is the kid (kids? Not sure if the girl belongs to the family) commenting on his parents. NOT obvious from the art, it took me several seconds to figure out who was who and I see this strip regularly.

  2. I know what a dock is for like a laptop, but not if that’s what Walt has in mind, or how he would think it relevant.

    Are there equivalent setups for phones? More than just a charging stand?

  3. The ones speaking are definitely youth and the ones kissing are adult.

    So the joke is that teenagers don’t bother to distinguish between 25 and 80– they’re all old to them.

    But the joke is utterly ruined in that having the reversal of a teenager reversing expectation in saying kissing adults are cute at that age is so completely out of the norm that slingshotting *back* into the norm just makes no sense.

    Either the joke is teenagers are always such teenagers, or the joke is look it’s role reversal. It can’t be *both*.

  4. ” I follow the strip, ”

    Ugh. Why?

    Okay, that wasn’t fair. It has many benefits. It’s better drawn than “Close To Home”, the jokes are more universal than “Pardon my Planet”, It’s more modern and hip than “The Family Circus”. And it’s more original and pertinent than….. um,… than …. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

  5. Oops, sorry to both Andrea and tygalilee. In this realm, my education usually comes from 1-realisation that I’ve got it way wrong, or 2-Yeah Andrea was right and I misread this. Sorry again!

  6. >No, it wasn’t. I don’t think any of us is on here to be judged, and I don’t like being so.

    Well, I certainly wasn’t intending to judge you and I’m sorry it came across as such.

    I was hoping it was clear I was dissing the comic strip. (It truly makes my teeth hurt.)

  7. Our reenactment unit has 3 types of members. Children under 16 (must have parent who is a member and is with them at events, cannot fire guns and pay no dues), people 16-18 (still must have parent who is a member and is with them at events, can fire guns and pays dues), and those over 18 – all of whom are treated the same (no parent needed, can fire guns, and pay adult dues). So whether an adult member is 18 or in their 80s (90s? not sure of a couple of members ages) they are the same and while Robert and I might refer to someone as a kid, we are all treated the same and think of each other as being adults not as how old members are (at least that is how Robert and I think of the members).

    Our current unit commander is in his later 20s. Robert was the commander before him. We don’t really think of him as being a lot younger than us – just another member of the unit. One day it dawned on me that while I think of all of us as about the same age, I am probably about his mother’s age – maybe even older than her – same with his dad. (They will come to events to see him and are very nice and friendly.) It started me thinking – does he think of me as an old lady and Robert as a old man or does he also think of us as contemporaries and just other adults.

    So, yes, all adults are same age.

  8. A few years ago at MegaCorp, I had a multi-level age realization. There was a woman who was in our group (software) who I thought of as “the kid”. At a work function, she mentioned that she was 29. So five years older than when I started, and also 30 years younger than me.

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