1. Well, … I don’t get it.

    So she’s on a hot line for butterball turkeys. One assumes that the turkeys call about being held on a counter and have stuffing shoved up their orifaces against their will. Mildly amusing, I guess

    but, there’s no call that is worse than any other and you’d think Evelyn would be jaded by now. None of the last 3 panels make it funnier. ANd saying “baster” five times and seeking shelter makes no sense. Is “baster” supposed to be a code word like pretending you are talking about something else? But wouldn’t that be the equivalent of a rape hot line using “he’s forcing me with a knife” as a code word? Makes no sense.

    And as a noodle incident…. well, okay, we are only supposed to imagine an impossible strange incident. But…. it’s a turkey… being cooked for dinner…. what’s to imagine?

  2. “what’s to imagine?”

    It’s only Fibber McGee opening his closet. What’s to imagine?

    This may be too absurdist for your taste, but it tickled me.

  3. “It’s only Fibber McGee opening his closet. What’s to imagine?”

    That’s not a noodle incident, was it?

    It was just a cluttered closet. We empathize as we’ve seen cluttered closets before. The humor wasn’t in imagining would could possibly be in the closet, was it? We *knew* what was in the closer. Vacuum cleaners, old photo albums, bird cages, pails, sewing threadles, all the usual stuff. Just a lot of it. The humor was the idea of there being *such* a lot of it that absurd disaster befall anyone who opens it.

  4. Oh wait. Arthur… so you think it’s a *person* she’s talking to and not a butterball turkey itself?

  5. Woozy, Arthur’s not the only one who thought she was talking to a person. It’s the butterball turkey hot-line where panicked cooks call for advice on saving Thanksgiving dinner after screwing up their bird. Kind of absurdist from the get go, bumped up a notch with a noodle incident. Although I kind of like your take, with the turkey calling for help, you are right, it would not be a once-in-a-lifetime call for Evelyn.

    Speaking of absurdist, I was not aware Francesco Marciuliano was putting out a comic other than Sally Forth, which has taken a turn for the strange over the last few months. After checking out Medium Large, I will definitely be adding it to my follow list. Thanks, CIDU.

  6. woozy, I’m sorry. I didn’t read your comment well enough. Yes, she’s taking a call from a person. And the situation is more dire than in any previous call.

  7. Now I understand the noodle incident. It’s a hot line for *people* to call in about cooking issues and…. how big a crisis can there be… well, we leave the noodle incident to your imagination. You are right; it *is* absurd.

    I just assumed it was a hot line for butterball turkeys to call about being sexually assaulted and forced into ovens. In which case the joke is finished in the first (or second at the latest) panel. The extreme reaction did nothing to increase the joke. The graphic imaginings can’t really be built any further.

    But maybe I’m just cynical and dark because a far nicer and family friendly interpretation was in front of my eyes and I simply *couldn’t* see it. My interpretation is certainly *gross*.

  8. I’m surprised anyone who reads English-language media and knows of Thanksgiving has escaped knowledge of the Butterball Turkey Hotline.

  9. Also, I should point out that the “Sword of Isis” is probably an ancient Egyptian artifact, not a “sword of ISIS” a.k.a. “ISIL” a.k.a. the Islamic State.

  10. I thought it was a comic book character reference. I don’t follow the franchises enough to know what is and what isn’t. 🙂

  11. How old is this comic? Medium Large has been around a while. I’m guessing it might have been from before Isis meant ISIS.

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