1. Somehow, a dog whose back area is paralyzed and who has had to bring her to the vet often for a urine draw (as I did yesterday), the second one (for #1) isn’t very EWWWWW-worthy for me. Oh, and I’ve done that for the dogs for training purposes. Not a cup, but paper towel, pee pad, whatever it took.

    I s’pose that is a TMI as well as an EWWWWW for non-dog folks.

  2. @ Andrea – That was the whole point of the comic: the dog wanted a pre-scented cup to make it easier to “go”. The nurse understands that, but still has to refuse.

  3. Who’d’a thunk that two threads – ‘dogs peeing’ and ‘Christmas is too early in the stores’ – could be melded like this . . .

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