1. “If they didn’t know where they were going, how could they direct the Boober driver?”

    They’re looking at a map. They know where they’re going, just not how to get there. The Boober driver might be of assistance there.

  2. Right, or alternatively, since they have such poor map reading skills, they should have employed Boogle Maps.

  3. If you’ve ever tried to find a specific plot in a cemetery, it can be difficult, especially flat markers that get covered in grass. The office will usually have maps, but “Plot 37, section U”, doesn’t always lead directly to the site.

  4. @Lark – Exactly. These guys are dumb. They could have done that easily by simply pulling out their iBone.

  5. Some decades ago we were up in Concord, MA and Robert – who hates cemeteries – offered to take me to where Louisa May Alcott is buried. (We have missed few of her homes in travels, even ones we can only look at from outside.) Unhappy at being in the cemetery he was walking ahead of me and reached the family plot first. He yelled back to me “I hope that you know her initials. There is one stone with with the family name, but they only have initials on the individual stones.” I replied “I am pretty sure that I can figure out Louisa May Alcott’s initials.” I guess a map would have made him feel better.

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