1. The joke is simply a clash of conflicting viewpoints. Mommy (who it clueless about professional sports) thinks her “little angel” got an appropriately cute name for his team, but the kid is offended, and needs an authority to prove that it’s a real grown-up team name.

  2. “Mommy (who it clueless about professional sports)”

    Janis isn’t clueless about sports. She is, in fact, often depicted as knowing more about sports than does Arlo.

  3. @ Olivier – The L.A. Angels have been many things over the years, but “scary” has never been one of them. Given that they are owned by Disney, it’s not likely to happen in the future, either.

  4. @Kilby: ok, not scary but not cute either (I was thinking Hells Angels; BTW: “The Los Angeles Angels”: a bit redundant isn’t it?); still, cute videos will show many children but no LA Angels, I’m sure 😉 . I think that in panel 3 Mommy knows what the LA Angels are: it’s like noodle jewelry, it’s beautiful/cute because it comes from/is associated with her beloved son who doesn’t know how to overcome this phenomenon (I don’t either: it’s unbelievable what my mother keeps).

  5. Yes, “The Los Angeles Angels” translates as “The The Angels Angels”.

    Just like “The La Brea Tar Pits”.

  6. When the Angels first got that name, it was not linked to Los Angeles, but to the suburb of Anaheim. The new owner figured that nobody knows where Anaheim is, and prepended LA to the name. Gradually, they eventually dropped Anaheim, but they are still located there.
    P.S. @ Powers – Or the mythical “Torpenhow Hill“, which was alleged to have meant “Hill-hill-hill Hill”.

  7. I would suspect that, at the time the comic was written, the Angels were not a great team, and Gene is upset that his T-ball team is being saddled with their name. Looking it up, around that time, they were mostly in the bottom half of their division.

  8. And for another name with the appearance of multiple instances of the same thought, there is Fanny Assingham from “The Golden Bowl”.

  9. Kilby has the Angels’ name history a little wrong. Once upon a time, there was a minor league team called the Los Angeles Angels. When the Dodgers moved to LA, the original Angels went to Spokane. When the American League expanded in 1961, Gene Autry got a franchise and bought the rights to the Angels name from Walter O’Malley and they played as the Los Angeles Angeles until late in the 1965 season when the name changed to the California Angels preparatory to their move to Anaheim the next year. When Disney bought the team and renovated the stadium with money from the city of Anaheim, the funds were contingent on Anaheim becoming part of the team name. So they became the Anaheim Angels in 1997. In 2005, the new owner changed the name to the Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim, which absolutely everyone hated and even resulted in lawsuits over the name. Anaheim got dropped in 2013, though the actual status of the name is a little fuzzy thanks to unsigned agreements.

    Anyway, what all that tells us is that the comic originally ran sometime between 1997 and 2005.

  10. The California Angels (the name I most associate with them) of 1965 – 1996 had a won-loss record of 2440 wins and 2616 losses, a .483 record, 3 playoffs, no pennants or WSs, The NY Mets have a record from 1962 to the present of .481, 9 playoffs, 5 pennants, 2 WSs.

    Angels of any region do not show up in the worst of the worst, the sub .300 teams, reserved in the last 20 years to the Os and my precious Tigs (twice), sub-400 three years straight.

  11. The first couple commenters got it right. The kid’s not worried about the MLB version of the Angels being subpar. He just doesn’t want the name to be “sweet”. Imagine the ridicule from opposing teams.

  12. I’m not sure how much kids can be ridiculed over names like “Angels” when there are also “Cubs” and “Blue Jays” and “Phillies” and “Mighty Ducks.”

  13. The Oregon Ducks aren’t even mighty, they’re just ducks. Just up the Interstate from there you can find the Beavers.

  14. I’m just saying that in the kid’s mind, the Angels are a great name because it’s also the name of an actual Major League team full of tough guys. Janis is ruining it by calling the name sweet.

  15. The Anaheim Mighty Ducks NHL team changed its name to just Ducks some years back after Disney sold the team.

  16. Based on recent news events, I don’t think anyone would use the word “sweet” to describe the Angels these days…

  17. @ Mitch4 – “…Anaheim … well known, as the … original Disneyland.
    That is perfectly true, but all “Disneyland” says is “somewhere in southern California”. I went to a college in L.A., but I have no idea where Anaheim is (in relation to L.A.), and that’s despite the fact that I’ve been to Disneyland at least twice (but never as the driver). Anaheim is just another one of those amorphous L.A. suburbs, like Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Pasadena.

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