1. Being forced to play in Little League by my mother (It’ll teach you sports!) catching a ground ball like can end up with one getting a bloody nose when it invariably hits a clump of weeds or a rock and pops up into your face. Gene is being wise here.

  2. Gene did have his glove backwards. The glove is positioned to catch a ball moving from left to right in panel 2. But the actual ball is moving from right to left. So he wouldn’t have caught it. Still, even if he can’t catch it, he’s supposed to get in front of it, and keep the ball from getting past him, and letting it past him gets him charged with an error. But getting out of the way also kept him from being struck by the ball, which might have hurt him and, since they aren’t actually playing a game, costs him nothing but the time chasing after the ball.

  3. the second panel seems completely wrong. The ball appears to be moving right to left but his glove is positioned as to catch a ball moving left to right. His body position, given that he is reluctant to get in front of the ball, is setup to catch a ball moving left to right.

  4. As a kid of modest means, we used to play baseball in our suburban street, as the nearest park was way too far away.

    Almost 50 years later, I STILL remember the grounder that took a bad hop off the manhole cover and hit me full speed. And NOT on my nose, but a spot a couple of feet lower and far more sensitive.

  5. @ BillClay – That’s what I thought at first, too, but looking again, I think his hand (& head) both turned to follow the ball as it sped past him (right to left). Then in the fourth panel, he’s walking away from dad to go retrieve the ball he missed.

  6. @Kilby – I see all that. The glove position just doesn’t make any sense in the real world if the ball came from the right. But these are comics and the panel depicts what it is intended to depict.

    In an even more picky sense, the dad is wrong about the error. If a fielder doesn’t touch the ball it isn’t an error. So the kid’s comment could be taken two ways.

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