1. He’s appeared a few times without his cap. He didn’t wear it when he took Paige to the Prom after Denise bailed on him, for example.

  2. I know we’ve seen B.D. without any sort of helmet or head covering; but Beetle Bailey?

    I seem to remember — from a late 60s Mad magazine, I think — Beetle removing his cap to reveal “Get out of Vet Nam” written on his forehead.

  3. Back in his pre-army student days, one of Beetle’s profs demanded Beetle remove his hat in his class. Beetle replied, revealing two rather tiny, beady eyes. The prof then told Beetle to put his hat back on.

  4. the CAP is the CIDU ? What is he doing in his sister’s bedroom at night ? What is he supposed to be sympathizing about ? What does coffee have to do with it ?

  5. This is the end of a week-long storyline where Paige was trying Peter’s infamous coffee-tea concoction (tea made by soaking a tea-bag in coffee) to help her stay awake to study, and over-did it.

  6. @catladymac: Paige overdosed on coffee in yesterday’s strip, to the point where she was too jittery to study. She decided to try sleeping it off, but of course, she can’t sleep so she’s just lying in bed being jittery.

  7. >>What is he doing in his sister’s bedroom at night ?

    He’s closing the door.

    >>> What is he supposed to be sympathizing about ?

    That she can’t sleep and is suffering the affects of too much coffee.

    >>> What does coffee have to do with it ?

    She drank too much.


    Weren’t those all self-explanatory, and directly addressed in this strip?

  8. @ “toffee” – I’ve always liked the old canard “If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.“, but I had always associated it with some irritable author (such as Mark Twain or Oscar Wilde). When I looked it up, I discovered that the Lemmings of the Internet unanimously credit the quote to Abraham Lincoln, ignoring the fact that there are printed versions from alternate sources as early as 1840.

  9. “Waiter, is this coffee or tea? I can’t tell!”

    “What does it taste like, sir?”

    “It tastes like s–t is what it tastes like!”

    “Oh, then it’s coffee. Our tea tastes like p–s.”

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