1. It’s a running gag that JoJo has been idolizing Bruce Lee since starting martial arts lessons.

    In this strip, Joe and Marcy are left to wonder if his flights of fancy are related to toxic chemicals in cleaning supplies.

  2. Powers has it, though I think JoJo’s fascination with Bruce Lee came before he started martial arts lessons. He saw a couple of Bruce Lee movies on TV and got hooked. Not 100% sure, but I think that was the order.

  3. Rather than testing to see if any of them has been negatively affected by the toxic chemicals, the child is asking to test for something unlikely to be important. Perhaps the parents are reacting with alarmed expressions to “I need a DNA test …” before hearing the rest and wondering if they have induced mutations in their child.

  4. I interpreted it as the child being deluded enough to think he’s related to Bruce Lee was a sign of brain damage brought on by the chemicals.

    Which I think is what Powers was thinking (albeit not is such blunt terms).

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