1. That “Off the Mark” is a rerun, but at least now it’s in color. I still think it should have been a Saturday “Ewww”.
    P.S. I liked the Callahan panel, but it would have been better if he had done his homework and made the dots spell something in Braille.

  2. And I see, Kilby, your comment last year was “I’m not sure whether this Off the Mark would work as well these days (as opposed to back in 2006), given the syndicate’s compulsion to colorize everything.”

    Talk about dramatic foreshadowing!

  3. The obligatory Death one has some lazy-ass drawing on the roller coaster that I can’t even blame the colorist for (unless it was intended that the track have an opaque floor)… Two places at least where you should be able to see the other track through the foreground track, and they didn’t bother to draw it in… (and if the track is supposed to have an opaque floor, then there are at least two places where they did draw in the background track — no consistency…)

  4. There are obvious flaws with the roller coaster design, such as how is that thing going to hold up without supports. But seriously, it’s a funny joke in my opinion, so who cares if the artwork isn’t perfect.

  5. Today there’s been running a TV commercial starring the Grim Reaper frightening a housewife, only to be killing off her appliances, water heater and air conditioning.

    A somewhat amusing concept was marred by some overacting on the housewife’s part.

  6. Kilby: The blind man has the best of intentions but as he can’t see where he is spraying, he is not writing whatever it is he thinks he is writing. Perhaps a can of paint and a brush would have worked better.

  7. >If Sigmund Freud had never lived, what would cartoonists use as shorthand for “psychiatrist”?

    Obviously Melvin Glick, who would have been the father of psychiatry instead!
    (Yes, I made up that name, don’t bother Googling)

  8. Robert said that if Freud had not existed they would have to use Jung instead. I pointed out that most people – myself included – probably have no idea what he looked like.

  9. On the other hand… if Freud had not existed, maybe Jung would have become the stereotype and we all WOULD know what he looked like.

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