1. I once bought lightbulbs with a blank sticker on the package, hiding a 20-year warranty.
    The bar sign doesn’t say the second beer has to be the same brand as the first one: maybe you pay twice the cheap price for one cheap beer plus one expensive one?

  2. @ Olivier – A bar that is patronized by customers interested in volume discounts has no need to be so classy as to offer two different brands of beer.

  3. I will write here what I wrote to CIDU Bill when I submitted yesterday’s beginning of this story line . . .


    This one is funny to me ’cause the “BUY ONE GET ONE” promotions make me think/say, ‘Well, of course I’d get one; I paid for it, didn’t I?’

    I never see “Buy one, get another one free” promotions (that’s ’cause BOGO is fun to say, whereas BOGAOF isn’t . . . ).

  4. Generally buy one get one is problem because I can only find one I want – such as pairs of shoes or thotchkes (aka bric a brac) (like stuff for the bear village). There have been many times I have seen an item that it was 50% off (basically the same pricing per item) I would have bought it, but since I did not see a second one that I wanted – or I did not want a second one – I did not buy it at a sales loss to the seller. (Same with buy 1, get 2 free or buy 2, get one free.)

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