1. That one was synchronistically amusing to me ’cause we were in the middle of ‘fix the leak’ or ‘replace the 19-year-old roof’ discussion and decision when it came out. Otherwise, I might’ve said, ‘Meh, been done before’, and passed on to the next comic.

  2. The identifying symptom of shingles is a “half circle” rash. The virus remains in your body after you are done having chicken pox, but lies dormant until, for unknown reasons, becoming active again. It’s in your nerves, so it follows a loop from your front side around to your backbone.

    Get the shots, a case of shingles is a couple of weeks of intense pain that you can’t do anything about.

  3. ” I thought that last step was obvious, but maybe I was wrong”

    Well, the last step on the ladder was the one the roofer missed, so it wasn’t that obvious.

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