1. We expect them to want to poop on the passengers. But instead they want to ride the ride.

  2. Anyone who’s ever taken a trip with children knows that they will beg and plead if you go past something that looks like more fun than sitting in the back of a car for another couple of hours. Apparently, this is also true for migrating birds.

  3. In addition to what woozy wrote, these birds could swoop through the air for a similar effect any time they like, but they still like the “manufactured” experience.

  4. The kid looks really happy, the adults look kind of bemused… they are R-CIDU (roller-coaster I don’t understand). They are well aware that soaring through the air free as a bird is preferable to being trapped on a noisy machine, but, you know, kids today, and they are happy to indulge the littl’un.

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