1. Perhaps the “ant references intersect fishing references” set consists of that one comic. But I would bet there would be a scant few others in the history of comics.

  2. I mean, it makes sense. The fact that fish eat ants if they can get ’em, and that the joke is the death wish, would pretty much suggest that this is the only reasonable comic that can be made out of it. So as far as “ants”, “fishing”, and “comics” go, I’d say this is pretty much the only thing that fits there.

  3. When it’s the mating flight season, when anthills erupt with winged drones and new queens, and than all the exhausted drones fall from the sky, surface-feeding fish are all about ants.

  4. Okay, woozy, I definitely did not expect the answer to that to be “yes.”

    You learn something new every day. Rarely anything of actual use, but still…

  5. “Okay, woozy, I definitely did not expect the answer to that to be “yes.””

    That’s always a risk one takes with asking questions. Sometimes there actually is an answer. One should always be prepared for such an emergency.


    I’m reminded of an guest an some NPR game show a few decades ago. He was talking about how if you are given a finite number of possible outcomes why are people so often surprised when it is one of them. He had a friend who had learned his wife’s pregnancy was a girl. Friend said “We were so surprised. A girl was the very last thing we were expecting”. So the guest said “Um, so what *were* you expecting? First a boy, then what?…. a six pack of hot dogs or a barbecue grill? What?”

  6. ” A girl was the very last thing we were expecting.” Last of two possibilities, I suppose.
    If your friend was a statistician or actuary you have to admit he was reasonable. In most parts of the world 105 boy babies are born for every 100 girl babies, so your expected probability is 51.2 percent male. The first thing you expect is a boy; the second and last thing you expect is a girl.

  7. @ MiB – The sequence “first – second – last” reminded me of an old item in the Soviet news media. When Khrushchev challenged Kennedy to a 100 meter sprint, they reported: “Khrushchev did well, and finished in second place. Kennedy came in next to last.

  8. Kilby, that reminds me of the poor kid who lived next door to the rich kid. “Our family is luckier than yours,” said the poor kid. “How so?” said the rich kid. “We live next door to rich people. You live next door to poor people.”

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