1. Squirrels very, very rarely carry rabies, but he’s definitely going to need to see a doctor.

    (I didn’t know that, but I had the same thought as you, so I googled it.)

  2. That was my first thought, too. The squirrels here are not people shy, but when I’m filling the bird feeders, I’m squirrel-shy. Rats with furry tails.

  3. I once was bitten by a cat. Since it was an indoor pet, the doc wasn’t worried about rabies, but she did insist on giving me a tetanus refresher.

  4. I ended up in ER because of a cat bite last year (see if I try to rescue a cat ever again!), and antibiotics . . . tetanus was up-to-date due to having a biting dog. I still would NEVER get close to a squirrel. Today’s update of ZITS is actually humorous.

  5. I thought about rabies. And since they don’t have the squirrel to test, rabies shots could easily be prescribed as a precaution. Plague is another possibility.

  6. @Grawlix: If you’re bitten by a squirrel, do you transform into a weresquirrel?

    Only if it’s radioactive. Anything else would be Silly. Do you know NOTHING of MarvelComics science? Tsk. What ARE they teaching people these days?

  7. I’ve been bitten by a deer in the Athens zoo, a chimpanzee in Sierra Leone, and a raven at the Tower of London. That would produce some seriously weird powers…(the raven was first, which would be awesome). (Ok, if any of them had been radioactive…)

  8. Mark in Boston: Squirrel Girl is perhaps the most powerful creature in the Marvel Universe. She defeated Thanos in just a few panels. And a copy of her was able to defeat almost all of Earth’s superheroes and supervillains over a few days (defeating the Avengers took less than a minute).

    She’s also the only superhero I know of that regularly uses the Power of Computer Science Algorithms.

  9. jjmcgaffey, forget about super powers for a moment… I’m more curious about what it is that makes diverse animals in multiple continents mistake you for food.

  10. Other than cats & dogs, I’ve been bitten by: boa constrictor in Honduras (twice, once in each hand ’til I got better control of it); kangaroo and fruit bat/flying fox in Oz . . .

    Meryl – it’s not the animals to blame (except for my own psychodog), it’s the person (me) . . . I attempted to hold/touch/pick up each of those that bit me.

  11. Andréa – I have been afraid of animals (terrified as a child) as long as I can remember. I have no idea why. I have since adulthood asked my mom if I was attacked or such by an animal as a child and she insists no. I have learned to control and deal with the fear to a great extent, but it is still there. We had a family with a pit bull that they let out alone in the back yard alone – and he likes to come next to our driveway and bark and snarl at us. I am dealing with it.

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