1. @Woozy I believe that was Madagascar 3. I just got through working a comic convention this weekend. I didn’t see lions or mammoths or even MiB, but I did see some waybacks like Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Shogun of Harlem

  2. Ah, Madagascar 3 and Ice Age whatever the heck. I see. And I don’t remember when the MiB with chickie came out but 2012 seems about right.

  3. Yes, I know – that’s why they’re called ‘classics’. However, the strip that was put up today seemed apropos is all.

  4. GoComics does a few things with the “Classics”. Sometimes it’s the case that there are new strips, but these aren’t them. One Big Happy, Dilbert, Nancy, etc. Some of those new ones don’t run on GC.

    In the case of Foxtrot, the “new” comics are Sunday only, and the Classics Mon-Sat. Stone Soup is the same. So if you don’t subscribe to both the regular and Classic, you only get Sunday strips. Doonesbury also only has new on Sundays, but I think the syndicate actually sends out comics every day, so there’s no Classics there.

    And some are strips that ended, like Shirley and Son, whose author died in 2003.

  5. Stone Soup no longer has new daily strips – she is only writing on Sundays. Stone Soup classics are 7 days a week.

  6. @ Brian – One of the things I really hate about GoComics’ “Classics” is the way that the editors completely ignore the calendar when scheduling reruns. Peanuts Begins is two months late, Nancy Classics appear two months early. Back to B.C. is six months off (May vs. November), and suffers from random colorization of occasional daily strips (for some strange reason, never on Sundays). To its credit, GoComics has started archiving “L’il Abner into the correct calendar slots in the early 1930’s (currently up to 31-Jan-1935), but the current reruns are now (in May 2019) showing strips from late December 1934. If they would just get the calendar synchronized, it would make it much easier to appreciate seasonal material.

  7. P.S. Of the strips Brian mentioned, Stone Soup Classics are “only” seven weeks off base, and Dilbert Classics would appear to be the winner, with a discrepancy of just one month, but since Dilbert only rarely ventures outside his office, it’s the one strip in which seasonal weather is almost never a factor. On the other hand, Foxtrot proves that it can be done correctly, running precisely on the respective date, exactly 20 years later. Since 2000 was a leap year, not even that will throw things off.

  8. ‘Cathy’ classics also run correctly; ‘Shirley and Son’ classics, ‘Geech’ , Raising Duncan’ classics do not.

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