1. In the second panel, I think Cynthia uses”that word” to refer to “consarnedest”, but her grandfather thinks she means “forgetfulness”, and the third panel simply continues the disagreement. In the fourth panel, she is “beginning to see” that he is losing his marbles; he recognizes her hypothesis and instantly disagrees, but blows the name, proving that she was at least partly right.
    P.S. Paraphrasing a German comedian: “It used to be called “forgetfulness”; these days it’s called “Alzheimer’s”, and now I have yet another name to remember.

  2. I have a similar hypothesis to Kilby, with some differences.

    a) She is referring to the word “çonsarnadest” in panel 2, and he claims he always uses it.
    b) She tells him he doesn’t in panel 3 and he then contradicts himself, hinting that he’s realised he’s forgotten that he never uses that word.
    c) In panel 4, she’s referring to panel 1 by ‘beginning to see’ that forgetfulness IS the consarnadest thing.
    d) Grampa’s response in panel 4 is just him trying to cover his embarrassment, but he makes it worse by calling her the wrong name. Cue laughter.

    That’s how I saw it, anyway. Forgetfulness in not so bad, in any case. Nietzsche had it right when he said: “The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time.”

  3. One detail, we could say that his insistence that he has all along used “consarded” (and derived forms) is a matter of covering for his forgetting the word he usually uses for that idea. So a new behavior is actually part of a pattern of loss, not a positive innovation.

  4. With all respect to Cynthia’s supposed intelligence and cleverness, panel 3 can *never* be valid. If a person uses a word and claims he uses the word you cant see he doesn’t use it… because he *just* did.

  5. cicely, that was a bit of a turn, wasn’t it?

    I think Stan’s got it down to the finest nit.

  6. woozy: But “always have” implies that the person regularly used it; not that they just used it that one time.

  7. “woozy: But “always have” implies that the person regularly used it; not that they just used it that one time.”

    Seems kind of rude to tell someone they never use a word when the person says they do.

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