1. I, for one, believe that bunny slippers are highly underrepresented in the comic community and more comic strips should utilize them for their important work.

  2. Boot Hill (or Boothill) is a common name for a cemetery in the US West, during the era of westward settling. There’s even a 1969 Western movie named such.

    So instead of boots here, we’ve got Bunny Slipper Hill, and the town ain’t big enough for the both of the men.

  3. Re-bunny slipper your computer to let Windows complete the install. Go to bunny slipper camp for basic training. She bunny slippered him out of her apartment after hearing of his infidelity. And it was with her best friend to bunny slipper. In Toronto, instead of “out and about”, they say “oot and a-bunny slipper”. Nathan Fillion and the other rookies on The Rookie are demeaningly called “bunny slippers” by their training officers. After his fourth tequila, he bunny slippered. How did you get that Avengers: End Game DVD already – is it bunny slipper leg?

  4. And yet I don’t want it to be said of me that I died with my bunny slippers on.

  5. Was it Nancy Sinatra who sang “These Bunny Slippers Are Made For Walkin’ “?

    And then there’s the 2005 film Kinky Bunny Slippers, followed years later by the smash musical.

  6. And then thee’s the classic film about a German submarine titled “Das Bunny Slipper”.

  7. Racing for the honor of being the first to post a new “bunny slipper” joke would be a vain and bootless pursuit.

  8. @ Grawlix – Released in Germany under the title “Der Häschenpantoffel“. 😉

  9. Grawlix: When life gives you bunny slippers you make Hasenpfeffer.

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