1. I walked into a restroom at my university a few years ago, to find a large pile of luggage, with a purse on top. I told the stalls it was probably not safe to do that, and a voice answered that it’d be fine. I told her that if someone came in and made off with her purse, it would be hard for her to catch the thief with her drawers down around her ankles.

    Students often think the campus is safe. It’s not.

  2. Why is the blind man carrying a TV set. (It’s hard to hold the old CRT-based sets like that with the screen out–that lead glass in the picture tube is the heavy part.)

  3. Why is the blind man carrying a TV set? Because he can’t see it. The next thing he did was turn it on and ask the man in the bathtub “Can you please describe for me what is on the screen?”

  4. He’s a burglar. Presumeabley dressed like that to avoid identification in home security video, except this occasion the homeowner is home at the time.

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