1. At first I thought that although the cat broke the glass, well, that’s what cats do…knock things around while ‘playing’. She was in a good mood and thought, ‘Ah, what the heck, let him have another bash!’

    However, on closer inspection she looks angry in panels two, three and four, so maybe not.

    Perhaps she’s living vicariously through the cat. Letting him break stuff that she wants to herself because she’s in such a foul mood.

  2. I’m not sure, but going back a few days the storyline is that she’s upset and possibly feeling guilty about getting rid of her grandmother’s china having never used it and not being able to give it away.

  3. Yes, it’s pretty much unaccountable behavior from Janis, tho the backstory helps. Even if we say she is giving in and rewarding him in the last panel, that could only be in terms of destructive impulses, not serving him something tasty – – cats don’t easily drink from vertical glasses.

    I recently noticed that Business Cat has appeared in Go Comics. No new strips, but doing their usual thing of issuing one a day. But if you use their rollback buttons the final episodes are there, just a little ways back. Fans of that strip will recall the excellent way the final episode used the initial one – – and maybe see a connection to this A&J.

  4. “cats don’t easily drink from vertical glasses” – we once had a cat who would drink from a half-full glass by dipping one paw into the water and then licking it. Our other cat at the time would watch intently, wait until the first cat left, walk over to the glass – and try to stick his face into it.

  5. In panel 4, she’s got a hand ready to catch the glass if Loodie wants to knock it off the table.

  6. You guys have it all wrong. Cats aren’t accidentally bumping into stuff. They push stuff off the shelf. On purpose. It’s their job. Along with toddlers in high chairs, their job is to test gravity.

    Imagine the chaos if gravity failed and we didn’t have cats to tell us!

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