1. I was about to praise the “Bizarro” for leaving out the secret symbols, but then I noticed that Piraro merely forgot to put the digit next to his signature. There are at least two (eyeball & O2).
    P.S. Cupid’s daiper fetish wasn’t quite as amusing as the ludricrously superfluous label in the second panel.

  2. We don’t normally compliment Bizarro’s artwork, but I like the cop’s way-too-many-devices-on-the-belt look. Also, the easter eggs are way more subtle than usual,.

  3. Well, the Bizarro is from 2016, before Piraro permantly partnered with Wayno. Frankly, I much prefer Piraro’s drawings. And, a third Easter egg is the arrow in the guy’s back, making it two days in a row in which the Easter egg plays a role in the joke, (at least on this site.)

  4. “I had never heard of the book in the third strip, but a quick search showed that it is supposed to be a 30-year-old classic.”

    So if we somehow feel obligated to do a geezer tag to indicate a chastisement to the comic for doing an outdated reference, to be fair shouldn’t we have a whipper-snapper tag as a chastisement to us geezers for not being aware of new references.

    I’m pretty sure the vast majority of the readers of the strip and possibly even most of us decrepit geezers here are familiar with “If you give a Mouse a Cookie”. (Although you all certainly surprised me with you utter glee and pride about being ignorant about “The Usual Suspects”.)

  5. I only know the book because Hubby was an elementary school librarian for several years; otherwise, I, too, would have had to look it up.

  6. I tried to find the comic “Doozles” but all I got was a frozen yogurt shop. I then searched for “Tom Gammill” and found “Doozies.”

    Also, Rinkworks had a section about summarizing children’s literature, and the entry for “If you give a Mouse a Cookie” read “Never give anything to anyone.”

  7. Speaking as someone who used to regularly take offspring to bookstores, yes, “if you give a mouse a cookie” has been around for at least 25 years, and it has been in print all or nearly all of the time since, and has generated a number of sequels. It was, in fact, one of my daughter’s favorite children’s books from her pre-school days. It’s one of the books her mother picked out. When I took over the selection of bedtime stories, I switched over to SF classics… Heinlein juveniles (Podkayne, Tunnel in the Sky, Red Planet), Little Fuzzy, Rendezvous with Rama. Never got ’round to The Hobbit, though I meant to. Also the ouvre of Beverly Cleary and the first couple of Little Prairie books, and then she started reading for herself, which went fine except (alas) she was just at THAT age when Twilight hit. At least I got a bit of mileage out of being born in the Olympic peninsula of Washington…

  8. At least 25 years is right. But my kids were never interested in any of the 47 sequels, and I respected them for it.

    Seriously, does the world need “If You Buy an Alpaca an Apple”?

  9. Give a Mouse a Cookie is now a show on Amazon. I don’t think there’s much crossover with the CIDU crowd, but I have a youngin

  10. Not sure how I knew there was some book if you give a something a something, then… Not sure how as my younger sister is 53 (gosh, can be that be right?), my other sister’s children are 27 and 30 so with the exception of the 27 year old boy, I would not have bought any of them the book. Robert’s nieces are 8 and 17, but we bought classics for varying ages for them when they were adopted and the books were long ago (immediately after receipt) tossed onto “the pile”. ( I am not sure if there is a pile for each since there are two or there is one big one.) SIL and BIL are definitely not readers.

  11. When telegraph use became common, something similar to online meeting with those of the opposite sex became common among the telegraph operators. So, the comic isn’t that far off.

    Bill – question – has the signature/login process changed? I used to have email/name/website memorized and now it needs to be put in each time and I don’t see a place to re-memorize them. Thanks.

  12. Husband suggested last night that I try a different browser – namely Microsoft edge – instead of usual one to see if the problem was the browser I usually use. Same problem with both.

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