1. @CIDU Bill: ” isn’t today Saturday?”

    Well, sure, that’s what the folks at Big Calendar WANT you to believe.

    Wake up, sheeple! Wake up and smell the Zeepsday conspiracy!

  2. DANG!! I’ve been doing that all day. “Oh, traffic is a little heavy for a Sunday. Oh, wait.” “Oh, I wonder why my neighbor didn’t go to church this morning. Oh, wait” and on and on.

  3. I only ever know the game’s coming because I see monstrous displays of Coca Cola and chips in the supermarket. I don’t even know whether New England cheated their way into the game this year.

  4. @Andréa: “and will you be going to work tomorrow, Shrug & Chak??”

    No, but possibly mostly because I’m retired.

    And, for really real and true, I hadn’t realized that tomorrow was the StupidBowl game until I saw something to that effect in today’s newspapers. I knew the playoffs had been recent, but vaguely thought there was anothe week or so before the end of all the madness.

    Still, that means PuppyBowl tomorrow! I’ll make popcorn.

  5. [“I don’t even know whether New England cheated their way into the game this year.”]

    You only say that because the media outlets outside of New England want you to think that. 😛

    Also, it was never actually PROVEN that Brady had cheated, just implied.

    I recall the salacious rumors and innuendo that came out during the “Deflategate” (hate that term!} saga. False rumors were debunked in the Boston area media, but as I recall the sports markets outside of New England used the misinformation to stoke anti-Patriots sentiment. One item that didn’t get much coverage was that the Colts’ game balls were also underinflated.

  6. I occasionally get the wrong day in my mind, a side-effect of no longer being a productive member of society.

    Last Sunday morning, I thought it was Monday. That’s significant because I don’t shave every day, and Monday is a shave day so I did that a day early. Not that big of a deal.

    Friday evening I thought it was Saturday (my usual shopping day) so I went to the drugstore, and then to the grocery store. I noticed that they didn’t have any Sunday papers. Doy. I couldn’t even finish shopping because I had to meet a friend that evening and didn’t have time. Considering that he and I had exchanged texts confirming availability in the morning made that worse.

  7. Whether New England cheated is irrelevant, this year the the Rams were the primary benefactors of the malefeasance. Drew Litton has done an excellent series of comics on the subject, including this one:

  8. I finally realized this strip was a metaphor for CIDU.
    Beginning :Attempt at humor
    Janet (as Bill): Takes joke at face value
    Reaction shot :Oh, Bill!
    Hmmmm. Questions of shtick to be reconsidered.

  9. Brian in STL, I used to be able to tell what day it was by thinking about what was on TV the night before. But now I don’t have a TV.

  10. The only way we knew it wasn’t a weekday (after we were both retired) was that the Sunday paper was heavier and the comics were in color. Now we no longer subscribe to newspapers, but the online Sunday funnies are still in color. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter anymore what day of the week it is; my phone alarm tells me if there’s something that needs to be done that day, whatever day it is (for example, unlock the gate for the lawn maintenance service on whatever day it’s scheduled that week, depending on raindays). It’s actually kind of mentally freeing, not knowing or caring all the time what day it is.

  11. Brian in STL, I used to be able to tell what day it was by thinking about what was on TV the night before. But now I don’t have a TV.

    That doesn’t even work well for me because I don’t view anything live. The only things even same-day are the news broadcasts.

  12. Is’nt that why they put the days of the week on pill boxes, so us retired geezers can keep track?

  13. Guero – unless one forgets to take one’s pills!

    My cell phone is plugged in overnight on my dresser set to calendar. As soon as I unplug in the morning I see my schedle for the day. (Generally the only item is 6:45 pm DINNER which is my reminder to stop working at the computer, back up what I did and go cook dinner.)

    I set the phone to remind me of everything – well one of the phones, I still use my Palm Centro as a PDA in the house.

  14. In his blog, Jimmy Johnson often acknowledges that its hard to consistently come up with gags. After a dud, he’ll refer to it as his 6th strip of the week. I took this to be both a 6th strip and and reference to being the 6th strip.

  15. Meryl A said

    “I set the phone to remind me of everything”

    I do, too. But how do you get your phone to display the day’s appointments when you turn it on? I’m kind of a smart-phone noob.

  16. My meds are daily, one in the morning and one before bed. So I have them sitting on the bathroom counter to remind me.

  17. Being a low-tech guy, I prefer a large physical calendar on the bulletin board in the kitchen, where I have to walk by it many times a day and often glance at it to remind myself “Oh, yeah, pick up the eyedrops today, and the dentist appointment is a week from today and the library book sale is the following Saturday.”

    Remembering what day it is by the newspaper received that day usually works for me too, but thanks to a combination of brutal weather and (apparently) an increasingly lazy carrier, we’ve missed getting a paper five times in the latest two weeks, so for all I know today is really (subtracts five days from Monday…) Wednesday of last week. So apparently I’ve still got Groundhog Day to look forward to, followed by Puppy Bowl Day!

  18. Chak,

    I open the calendar setting at night before I go to bed. I have mine set on “agenda”, but it could be opened to any of the calendar formats and would show same. I then plug it in to charge overnight. When I unplug it in the morning it the screen turns on – not sure why, it just does. If it did not turn on, I would just push the on button and it would show what I left it set to the night before the same way.

    (And I can’t even type on the darn phone – poor Robert has to guess at what I have sent as a text as he told me not to stop to fix it when I send to him. I have stood in the front of Costco at the registers watching him walk around as he could not figure out from the gibberish that came out when I typed “registers, computer side” to meet me.

  19. One of my favorite stories is a fantasy short (not my usual fare) called “Manatee Gal, Won’t You Come Out Tonight” by Avram Davidson. It’s more the setting, the barely fictional Central American colony of British Hidalgo in the mid 60s. If you can find it, the book Limekiller collects all the stories with that background.

  20. Sorry my comment about setting up my cell phone was for Brian in STL not Chak – Robert sometimes rushes me when it hits 3 am to hurry up and shut down the computer.

  21. Meryl, next time Robert fells you to shut down the computer, yell, “I can’t! Someone is wrong on the internet!!!”

  22. Chak 🙂 But that would result in him grabbing the computer from me and trying to fix the problem, so I still would not be able to finish what I was doing. And how things have been going lately here, he would break something. (Latest is my data drive went bad and corrupted some clients old return copies – pdfs – right before I ran the backup for the day. Luckily the day before’s backup was still good and I had not done any work that day. DARN! I just realized that the new backup of the new data disk is running upstairs. Good thing this is my last comic to post about.

  23. Meryl, if you remember to back up every day you have my undying admiration. I have to set a reminder to back up my thumb drive once a month.

  24. Chak – last thing before I leave a session at the computer I run a backup program onto either the A or B drive (opposite to last bu) which means sometimes twice in one day if I work in the afternoon and come back at night and work again – work meaning use of the computer that results in data changes or additions. Visiting with all of you is not backed up.

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