1. P.S. @ CIDU Bill – Is there a reason that today’s post doesn’t have a headline?
    P.P.S. I would say that it sucks, but only to make sure this comment gets moderated, so you can delete it when you add the headline.

  2. That’s weather change.

    But since deniers always confuse weather and climate, that’s probably what convinced them anyway.

  3. in response to jajizi: this is a very unfortunate state of affairs; “climate change” seemed like such a good alternative. So climate has come to mean the normal weather in a clime (or zone between latitudes), I guess, (because I remember people referring to “climes”; maybe they’re the latitudes).

    So I’m thinking of my “voice box”, which is at a particular level in my body, and makes sounds that have been quite similar over the decades until recently, when stretching of my vocal folds along with a change in the supply of water to my body, has changed it for the worse. I’d call that “vocal change” due to external changes and irreversible man-made changes in topology. My vocal range has changed and is quality shifts are more volatile.

    If it can be done without changing traditional English, I’m hoping “climate change” can work; if not, let it be replaced soon because I fear that the 2 camps of “climate change deniers” are being merged in the polls, and the “weather change” people may be more educated, which will really skew the statistics.

    Now,.. I came in to say.. that I love the “climate change” comic. I think that I love it because that term has been around for a long time without my having ever seen a form of this joke.

  4. So now it’s pennies and nickels and quarters, when it used to be deniers and ducats and florins?

  5. That’s where I went first, too, Grawlix, but I wondered about the other coins. Took a minute before i got “change”. I guess I need my caffeine today. 🙂

  6. Kilby – I had a children’s record (1950s 33rpm) about Goldilocks and the 3 bears –
    “Goldilocks went to play. Went to play in the woods one day and soon she found she lost way in the big, big, big forest. ”

    Hence the three bears while out of their house were in the forest, even if not having a picnic.

  7. With change the size of manhole covers, the result of the shower should be more grisly for the guys than just being knocked-out. One coin is even embedded in the ground.

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