1. Yeah, Alix’s comment at the end makes no sense. Best I got so far is their hometown newspaper is too small to carry Jules Feiffer, and I’m pretty sure that ain’t it.

    Thing is, Val’s comment makes no sense either. Alix is obviously not doing a “gotta pee” dance. If she had to go that bad, most of those moves would have made her wet her pants.

  2. People in a ‘bigger city’ (NYC, perhaps?) would ‘preciate her dancing for the artistic expression that it is, NOT interpret it as ‘having to go to the bathroom’.

  3. People in a larger city would be afraid to talk to the person dancing at that would be an indication they were off their medication.

    Is this a recently published comic? Because, I assure you, there are no butterflies around here right now.

  4. Recalling a “Zits” Sunday where Jeremy’s embarrassed girlfriend retracts her advice to “Dance like nobody’s watching”.

    Gratified to see how many people referenced Feiffer, and really hope at least some of you are younger than me (64).

  5. @MinorAnnoyance: I thought “Feiffer reference” right away, but, alas, I am not younger than you are (I’m 73).

  6. @Singapore Bill: It’s Stone Soup Classic. It’s dated March 1999.

    @MinorAnnoyance: I’m younger than you, but not by that much (56). I grew up reading the LA Times and he was in there every Sunday.

  7. Would someone care to share the Feiffer reference for those of us who may not be too young, but too ignorant?

  8. “This comic doesn’t have exactly a reference to Feiffer, but at least an allusion.”

    Yeah, and Bloom County had Opus dancing in the dandelions.

  9. At my brother’s wedding, my other brother gave the “best man speech” entirely through a Feiffer interpretive dance.

    (suffice to say he is not a dancer)

  10. “Dance like nobody’s watching” makes about as much sense as “Play like nobody’s listening.”

  11. Perhaps in a bigger city it would have been harder for her mom to find her and see her dancing – that was my thought when I saw it.

    Mom just assumes that is why is she is dancing, as Robert would assume of me.

  12. Yeah, well, as a professional musician, I have to play like somebody’s listening, or else nobody WILL be listening.

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