1. Is it simply that a ‘bed and breakfast’ for horses consists of simply lying down wherever they are and eating the grass around them? Har, har!

  2. Horses can do most of their sleeping standing up, but the must lie down sometimes to have REM sleep. Not that it matters to the joke — if a horse is lying down in some nice grass, I’m OK with calling that a bed, even if the horse is not planning on sleeping there.

  3. Nicely drawn horses for a comic.

    But then again, what’s the receptionist-horse doing with a phone that seems to need a cord, out in the middle of no-where?

  4. JP, it appears that you never lived with horses. They do lie down to sleep, if they are in a relatively safe place. If coyotes might come out of the woods at any minute, some will stay awake, some will sleep standing up in order to be ready to wake up and defend themselves instantly, and if enough are standing up, one or two might lie down to sleep. These here horses are out on the prairie where they can see for miles even when lying down.

  5. Gee a horse not expert I know (Robert) told me that if a horse lies down it is either having a colt or sick. Since that is not true, the Cabbage Patch Kids horse can lie down if it wants to. (This house is the sort of place children love – dolls, stuffed bears, electric trains and the crazy people who play with them.)

  6. When I lived with horses, frequently when I went down to the stalls the first thing in the morning the horses would be lying down (and not sick).

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