1. Being that it’s Arlo, I suspect he’s trying to get some sweet morning lovin’. I think he’d have been better off making reference to lacking sugar, though.

  2. If he doesn’t say something when passing her, she’ll take it as a snub. And you can only use a greeting (hi, hello, good morning) so often (probably once a day).

  3. @ Singapore Bill – Being that this is “Arlo”, I can’t escape the sneaking impression that he’s making a veiled reference to “cream” in a totally different location. On the other hand, the fact that both of them are wearing bathrobes makes it unlikely that either one of them has blue denim pants on underneath.

  4. @kilby: I was trying to make that work too. It could be something kind of sweet like Nat King Cole

    Or something a bit more…expressive and NSFW…, like Rough Trade

    That Rough Trade song is from the early eighties, when I was in high school. The offending line, relating to denim trousers, actually lead to some controversy and restricted airplay. I don’t normally think of the 80s as a really restrictive time, but when you think about it…

  5. How many decades have you been married? Actually coming up with something to say in the morning can be a challenge. Something is better than nothing.

    Usually. I’ve come up with stuff that wasn’t.

  6. “‘Good morning, baby. I love you’ works pretty well for me.”

    Good, I guess (NOMB) but if it gets to the point where it’s mechanical, it may start to feel fake (both saying and hearing). I suspect Arlo’s been at it long enough to worry about that.

  7. Lately the “opening remarks of the morning” between Mrs. Shrug and self tend to center around “Is the newspaper late AGAIN?”

    But in any case these follow the opening remarks of the morning between whichever one of us gets up first and the cat, which tend to consist of “Meow MEOW MEOW!” on the cat’s side of the issue, and “Shut up, I’m getting your food right now” on our side.

    I don’t think I could startle Mrs. Shrug by saying I didn’t put ‘creamer’ (liquidized soybean goop) in my coffee, because neither of us ever do. We live in a dairy state; it’s real milk/cream or nothing.

  8. I like Singapore Bill’s approach, with variations on the theme. Like a gooky dessert it doesn’t have to have a lot of substance but it sure tastes good.

  9. “It’s simple enough. I just say it like I mean it every time.”

    I’m absolutely willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, and have no reason to think that you don’t mean it, wholeheartedly, every time. As I said, none of my business.

    But Arlo might think it sounds fake when HE says it, even if it isn’t, just because it’s always the same. Just like Mr. Shrug’s cat, he’s afraid it gets ignored or taken less seriously if it’s always the same thing. I don’t mean to tell you how to run your morning, if it works for you the way you do it, then you have no need to change. I’m just suggesting that you are married to a different person that the fictional Mr. Day is, or I was, so your experience may not be universal. That’s all.

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