1. Do they still make Reader’s Digest books?

    Presumably these are the anthologies of abridged novels. When I was a kid, they were “Reader’s Digest Condensed Books”. My parents subscribed, so I read many novels in that form over the years.

    Apparently the name of the series was changed about 20 years ago to Reader’s Digest Select Editions.

  2. I think the “cloud” is just the device that “spotlights” a speaking character in a comic, cutting down visual clutter around him.

  3. Jonathan Winters as his old lady character: “I go to the library after lunch and listen to the readers digest.”

  4. Thanks, that is brilliant!

    I never appreciated Jonathan Winters during his lifetime. I changed my mind when remembrances aired clips and friends describing him as sweet. I had mistaken his mumbly WC Fields manner for meanness. (I still can’t stand actual WC Fields.)

  5. I’m trying to recall the last time I saw any bookstore (new or used) stocking Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, and so far I’m coming up with “never.” Even most local Friends of the Library sales explicitly indicate that they don’t want them as free donations.

    Maybe they’re all just missing out on a marketing opportunity by forgetting about the big “talking dogs with their own financial resources” target audience.

  6. ” They grey cloud surrounding him makes it look like he’s teleporting into the store.”

    That’s just his doggy breat fogging up the window you’re looking through.

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