1. The second & third one are definitely “Ewww”s, but they are funny too.
    P.S. It’s a real pity that Whamond had to use “buffer” in the dialog, rendering the squirrel’s comment to his usual annoying repetitiveness. If the verb in the dialog had been “loads”, the squrirrel would have had a rare chance at brillance.

  2. I liked the art in the first one, but it’s not really ‘raising the bar’. Running with scissors is mainly dangerous to the runner, not the people around them. Ergo, the running of the bulls would be less dangerous if there was an increased chance that the bulls would fall and hurt themselves, potentially leading them to stop running altogether. Bar lowered, I feel.

  3. ‘Still’? I can’t even see all the answers to the universe up here.
    I don’t think the squirrel’s ‘Bufferin’ pun would be clear if the devil said ‘loads’. I just don’t think of ‘buffering’ any more when I get delays.

  4. “Raising the bar” caption not necessary. Don’t know why people feel the need to overcaption; it’s the equivalent of “You get it? You get it?”

  5. @ Mitch4 – Yes, I knew that, I just thought that the pun was too simplistic, but Treesong may be right about it being a stretch to see the connection without the satanic lead.

  6. What he meant to say was something like “turning it up a notch”, but that’s not what “raising the bar” means.

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