1. Okay, it is only 12:30 am – much earlier than when I posted last time, so I will try again.

    Julie and Fred are first cousins – they each have a parent who is the sibling of the other’s parent.

    Julie has a son Chuck and Fred has a son Irv.
    Chuck and Irv are second cousins.
    Julie and Irv are first cousins once removed as are Fred and Chuck.

    Now Chuck has a daughter Meryl and Irv has a daughter Pam. –
    Meryl and Pam are third cousins.
    Chuck and Pam are second cousins once removed. as are Irv and Meryl.
    Julie and Pam are first cousins, twice removed as are Fred and Meryl.

    Does that make betters sense?

    Meryl is the only one still alive.

  2. No Brian, my dad, his (first cousin),and their dads have passed in their time. (Mom is going to be 90 next month and dad was older than her). Pam, my third cousin died of cancer very young. I am only a cereal killer.

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