1. If those two people know how tacos are made they could re-invent them themselves, or at least inspire other people to do the same. In some Popperian World-3 sense, you could argue that “tacos” have already been “invented” in this new parallel universe in that knowledge of them exists in these people’s heads. The trick is getting them out of there and into World-1 where they can be tasted.

  2. VoodooChicken: legit, with a new artist, as of last week. The top one is “That is Priceless.”

  3. That is Priceless is a feature that creates new titles for classical paintings.

    Alley Oop is indeed Alley Oop (which is apparently being semi-rebooted this week)

  4. @narmitaj: I didn’t know that “the universe” (as opposed to beings within it) “invents” anything. But if this universe has everything except tacos, it presumably does have tostados, which should be close enough for Oopian purposes..

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