1. Kool-Aid pitcher? I thought it was a chamber pot. . . .

    (Which I guess would be even more Geezerish, but Bill would have put it in a Ewwww post instead, so I guess you’re right about the Kool-Aid interpretation.)

  2. Kool Aid Man bursting through walls has entered the public consciousness (possibly, in part, to Family Guy)– like Lassie saying Billie fell down a well. Don’t need geezer tags.

  3. Right, but that’s what public consciousness is. Accuracy, context, and even recognition have nothing to do with it. Billie, Timmy, Johnny … doesn’t matter. Just say “‘Bark, bark’ ‘Freddie fell in a well?!'” will think they know what it means even though almost know one will have ever seen the Lassie show and might not even know that Lassie was actually a dog that existed anywhere outside of folk jokes. In fact, having seen the Lassie show or knowing anything about it will probably *deter* people from understanding the joke.

    By the way. Did the entire “Timmy’s fallen in the well?!” joke begin with Doonesbury? *…..googles…..* No, that was a hunter falling in an abandoned mine shaft, breaking his leg and needing insulin….. That’s funnier.

  4. @woozy your stand confuses me. We can all agree, I think, that accuracy to the underlying facts doesn’t matter so much for keying in to a public familiar trope. But you seem to say matching to the usual formulation doesn’t matter either. Sure, there can be creative variation. But if one is just alluding to a trope, not trying to evolve it, surely you do want to get the formulation “right”?
    And the classic Lassie message about falling in a well is definitely Timmy.

  5. This Frazz is a Comic I Don’t Quite Understand. I know Caufield is saying she should get her flu shot, but a) what does that have to do with finishing his school work? and b) did she or did she not buy a lottery ticket?

  6. @Powers,
    Caufield is pressuring her to get a shot by refusing to turn in his work until it does.Now, she won’t get it because there is only a 40% chance it will help her – but she is willing to pay for a lottery ticket with much lower odds.
    And the flue shot is probably cheaper since most insurances cover them (maybe all,) and she, as a teacher, certainly has health insurance.
    My wife has published two books on vaccines, one just out, so I’m up on this.

  7. The important thing here isn’t whether or not little Timmy was in the well. It’s whether or not Lassie SAID he was in the well.

  8. @James Pollock: And as the famed “Schrodinger’s Timmy” thought experiment indicates, Timmy both IS and IS NOT in the well UNTIL Lassie gets someone to look there and thus collapse the probability wave. (But that’s a lot to expect a canine philosopher to be able explain to us with a simple “WOOF WOOF!”)

  9. Well, we have several VHS players and two Beta players (although one is not working and husband keeps it for sentimental reasons – it was his engagement gift from me, I tell him to get rid of it and use the floor space it takes up in his closet). I could sell one to the attorney. (Also sound 8mm and 16mm projectors)

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