1. @ woozy – Black hair, sallow complexion. The other 50% of his comic parentage was chosen to explain his ears.

  2. Quite illogical. As human relationships go, the Addams have such a strong one that it is hardly conceivable that Morticia would sleep around.

  3. I’ll buy the lack of smiling but …. “That’s not jaundice. It’s his green blood coloring his skin” rather counters the idea of Morticia’s complexion, whatever the explanation.

  4. “Spock doesn’t seem to be taking this very stoically.”

    Half-elves aren’t known for the stoicism.

  5. @ MiB & terrencefeenstra – Or as the Germans would say, “Von der Nase des Mannes erkennt man sein Johannes” (roughly: “nose”=”John Thomas”).

  6. In the canon, Spock’s father married his mother because “At the time it was the logical thing to do.”

  7. Sarek of Vulcan was an extraordinarily-gifted diplomat. In order to keep the peace with Earth, he learned how to make peace with one Earthling.

  8. ” I thought Sarek married her because she was pregnant.”

    A Vulcan not using protection? Illogical.

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