1. I think we’re supposed to think it’s a stranger who yaks on a plane and you can’t make a polite getaway, but the surprise in the end it turns out it’s no stranger but her husband….

    It’s funny because other people have miserable lives…

  2. The verb form is borderline indefinite, so that she could be interpreted either as his wife, or possibly as his fiancee. Unfortunately, that turns this panel into a pair of parallel CIDUs, neither one of which I can explain.

  3. P.S. If woozy is right @1, the two sentences of dialog should have been separated by a dash, or in separate bubbles.
    P.P.S. Stahler did manage to avoid the stereotype of having the wife in the role of the incessant yakker.

  4. P.S. If woozy is right @1, the two sentences of dialog should have been separated by a dash, or in separate bubbles.”

    That’d make it clearer. But I imagine the cartoonist didn’t want to lead us by the nose or force attention on it. S/he wanted it to take us by surprise.

    However I feel this is, in actuality a lot less funny than s/he thought. Instead of most of us thinking “OMG! She married him!” I think most of us are thinking “huh…? Why’d she marry him if she thought he was a bore.”

  5. Reminds me of a story I heard third-hand. Told to me by a girlfriend (now an ex). She had heard it from her ex-boyfriend. We’ll call him Biff. It was about Biff’s brother. We’ll call him Bro.

    Bro goes off on his honeymoon to Hawaii with his new wife. He returns after two weeks. Biff meets up with him after his return.

    “How was your honeymoon?” asks Biff.

    “Did you ever feel like you knew someone but then you found out you didn’t really know them at all?” replied Bro.

    Soooooo…it does happen.

  6. What SBill says reminds me of the film The Goodbye Girl (the original version) in which Charles Grodin’s character, on his honeymoon, is repulsed by his new wife’s eating habits. One reviewer wrote “Are we meant t believe that they’re getting married and yet he’s never seen her eat?”

  7. While driving me home from the airport (from college), my dad confided that the first year of his second (and ultimately ill-fated) marriage wasn’t turning out as well as he had expected. I held off for about five seconds before replying, “I hate to tell you I told you so, but I told you so!” (I had indeed warned him before it started.)
    About a week later he said that he had nearly the same conversation with my brother, except that his immediate response was, “What took you so long?” (to figure out that it wasn’t working).

  8. I just went thru the RSS feed for his past comics . . . he hit all the Holiday Tropes, many of which were discussed on CIDU:
    Elf on the Shelf √
    Driverless Sleigh √
    Christmas Angst √
    Santa’s GPS √
    Rudolph isn’t a Brown Noser √
    ‘A Christmas Carol’ √ (that one was actually funny)
    After-Christmas Returns √

    Just THINK of all the synchronicities we could’ve had!

  9. On Facebook the other day, one of my friends posted a thing: “BOUNCER: Ma’am, is this guy bothering you?” “WOMAN: Yes, but I signed up for it when I married him.”

    Same sort of gag.

    My wife thinks it’s kind of funny, anyway.

  10. The things that attract you before marriage are often the things that annoy you the most afterwards. But agree with everyone above … the talker on the airplane can be annoying when it’s a stranger; how much the more when its a spouse who seems to have no situational awareness of your comfort.

  11. Singapore Bill: 25 or so years ago, a customer of ours (enterprise software) got married and was away for a couple of weeks on his honeymoon. When he returned, I called him to continue discussion of some ongoing issue. “Hey, welcome back! How was your honeymoon?” I asked.

    Long silence…followed by “It didn’t work out.”

    Last thing EVER said about that.

  12. Andrea, I’d like to say that I’m shocked, shocked to learn that about you. But all I can come up with is, “That was really smart. Well done.”

  13. Andréa, I think you beat my BIL (and his wife) by only a year or two. We figure they woke up one day and thought “what would be a good excuse for a party?”

  14. There was a time when couples courted for a relatively short period of time, and didn’t get intimate until marriage,
    so it’s not inconceivable for someone not to know their spouse’s annoying little habits or hangups until they got married.

  15. My daughter lived with her future mother-in-law, but NOT with her husband-to-be, for about six months before the wedding.

  16. @Andréa: I confess that at some point it turned into a matter of just wanting to see if I could get to the end. However, you looked lovely in your attire. An excellent choice. I’m glad you found the bracelet, the cake looked good, and I was disappointed not to see the Corvette. Also, whatever ancient technology is needed to sign the guestbook does not exist on my machine. Therefore, congratulations wished here.

  17. Yeah, I have to admit it IS a long site, especially if you don’t know the participants ‘-)

    RicoBadBoy, one of the ringbearers, is still alive and well; 16 years old. Here’s the Corvette:

  18. TBH, I’ve not looked through the site in years, altho I did check out a few pics ’til I realized how many of our friends had passed away, and I moved on to a happier place. Like CIDU.

  19. I do have a cousin and cousin-in-law who met on a cruise they were both on with their respective significant others. Fortunately, the significant others weren’t to the level of fiances or spouses, and I believe everyone is on reasonably good no-hard-feelings terms, so not a particularly scandalous story. But it’s at least sort of a story.

  20. I know of two sisters who married two brothers, then both couples divorced and married the other spouse (opposite, not same, gender). I thought it weird ’cause wouldn’t a brother and a sister be similar to the spouse you already had? Dunno how it all turned out since I lost contact shortly after that.

  21. Bill – I think you mean “Heartbreak Kid”?

    “Goodbye Girl” was Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha Mason where he is an actor who sublet the apartment from her boyfriend who dumped her and has to play Richard III without a hump.

    “Heartbreak Kid” Was Charles Grodin on his honeymoon with Jeannie Berliln and he sees Cybil Shephard – the shiksa – and falls in love with her.

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