1. This is the story behind Sir Terry’s ‘Reaper Man’; when DEATH wasn’t there to collect souls, NO ONE and NOTHING died. Imagine the chaos. Sir Terry did.

  2. ” Sir Terry did.”

    There’s a couple of similar episodes in Piers Anthony’s “Incarnations of Immortality” series. In that one, Death can be killed when he comes for you… but then you take over as Death, and nobody’s souls get harvested until you figure out what you’re supposed to do.

  3. “Sir Terry did.”

    Let’s not forget the opening to Death Takes a Holiday (1934).

    I’m not saying sir pTerry wasn’t inventive, but this particular idea goes way back.

  4. And then I think there was an episode of Family Guy that had a similar plot.

    Yeah, a snarky Death. He sprains an ankle chasing Peter and has to hole up at the Griffin’s.

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